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Tech Talk: Predictive Technology in Data Science & Analytics Using R


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Who Should Attend:

Great for anyone who wants to embark on Data Science as a career, have basic understanding of Data Science argolrithms.

Event Description:
Big data and analytics is one of hottest sectors, particularly for Information technology services (IT) companies as they aim to capitalise on the technology potential for simplifying business processes, and helping companies become more competitive. Here we study about the various aspects of big data analytics, applying appropriate machine learning techniques to analyse big data sets, assessing the statistical significance of data mining results using the open-source tool R to perform basic data mining tasks and develop models on big data.

Why R?
R has become one of the most popular language for statistics, visualization and analytics in the last decade. Many companies like Facebook, Google, Ford Motor Company and millions of people Worldwide from different fields are using R language. Predictive analytics plays an important part to optimize operational efficiency and to reduce risk in various industry field.

Usually first the required Big Data is collected and the data is cleansed for missing values. The next main challenge lies in the data exploration and extracting the information from it. Here R is very useful due to number of tools and packages for data exploration. For example ggplot2 package is used for visual data exploration or one can use plot package for interactive multivariate data exploration. For analysts looking to make a mark in the analytics industry,remember that R is a crucial skill to have. In fact companies are more and more hiring analysts with expertise in multiple skills, so take note of how the industry is evolving and get trained in the skills in demand, to always have the edge.

So to sum up we first start with the introduction about Big Data and how to analyse such Big Data. Next we identify the importance of Data Analytics in various fields. Then we suggest how R language can help in Data Analytics and how predictions can be made for various
industries and sectors. Finally we identify the sectors in which Data Analytics currently plays a vital role in Malaysia and the various impact of it for better decision making.

About the speaker:

Saranya Ravikumar worked as an Assistant Professor in a reputed Engineering College at India. She is a Dell Emc certified Data Analyst. With a passion in teaching she brings with her more than 4 years of experience as Assistant professor in Engineering Colleges. She has more than 2 years of experience in leveraging the technical concepts through effective lectures in order to make the listeners gain the practical knowledge on the technical concepts of R and Data Analytics using R.

Saranya has trained more than 100 students in R Technical skills which has an outcome of some students be placed in a leading MNC as Junior Analyst. She also received the best project supervisor award for guiding the students in Technovision’2018 at a reputed Engineering
College. Moreover, she has worked on many Big Data Projects in the field of Plantation, Banking and Security.

Some of her projects include:
 Yield Estimation Using Rainfall Pattern Analysis Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)(2018)
 An approach to detect Fraudulant Insurance claim using R (2018)
 Predicting Employability of a Student in R Programming (2017)
 Predicting Behavior of a Customer in Financial Sectors Using Big Data (2017)
 A Novel approach to predict power consumption in Agriculture Using Data Mining(2016)

Fri Jan 4, 2019
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM MYT
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C-L19-08, KL Trillion, 338, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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